Human Rights Essay – Informs About the Rights of People

Human Rights Essay Can Address Rights of Different Groups of People

Different essays are required to be written by students at different stages in their academic lives. These essays prepare them in many ways for life out of school and how to handle other aspects of academic, career or personal life. Essay writing will improve students’ abilities to write and research as well as enhance their knowledge of their surroundings. There are many essays which increase students’ knowledge of their surroundings. These will include essays such as, essays on discipline, global warming essays, environmental pollution essays etc. Another one of this type of essays is the human rights essay. Before we educate ourselves on how to write an essay of this type, let us find out what it is.

Getting to Know the Essay Type
Most often when students are assigned various types of essays for their GCSE coursework or A level coursework. This topic can also crop up as a law assignment essay. However, most times, students are not well conversant with essay requirements and how they should be written. You may wonder “What are human rights?” As humans we all have rights. Regardless of our nationalities, sex, ethnic backgrounds, religion and language all humans are entitled to certain rights without discrimination. These rights are guaranteed by law and any Government needs to uphold, promote and ensure these rules of human rights are adhered to by all citizens. This is called human rights.

Writing the Essay
The human rights essay can be written in many ways. As a persuasive essay, students will try and persuade the readers on the importance of the rights of people living in third world or war torn countries. It can also be discussed as an argument essay, on which rights of minorities can be discussed. A descriptive essay can be written about Nazi Germany and the way the Jewish people were treated and how it was not avoided by the Governments. Another manner in which students can write this essay is to discuss the repercussions if human rights are violated.

Human Rights Topics
When assigned this essay for writing there are many topics which can be selected from. For example;
• State laws and human rights
• HIV in children and the rights for proper treatment.
• Sexual assault on women and children in war torn countries
• Human rights treaties – are they worth the time?
• Are women treated fairly in the Muslim world?
• The freedom of speech – has it been taken too far?
• Who has made the most significant contribution to human rights?
• The Organizations which we entrust our human rights to
• Child Labor – human rights violation?

As seen above there are many topics related to human rights. What will make your essay different from the rest is to pick an essay topic which is different from the rest. Use the correct essay writing techniques and you will have yourself a good human rights essay.

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